How hot does it get in Austin Texas?

The Texas Hill Country summers seem an endless string of blisteringly hot days that residents don’t just endure, they survive. Why do other parts of the country get mild summers while Texas bakes? The answer lies in the climate and the many factors that affect it. Finding out why it’s so hot may.

Texas can get quite hot during the summer months. Texas has been known to get above 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

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People from the North will think Austin is not free from heat all year. June-September (4 months) : No break from heat, never cools down. Think Nordic sauna during the day and nights feel like they have just turned off the sauna. on some days very humid. most days it’s mid-level humidity.

Top 10 reasons why Texas summers are the worst. backyard pools get so hot it’s more like taking a bath than a swim.. In Texas, we gain summer weight because it’s too damn hot to do anything.

By around 2:00 it’s pretty hot and by 5:00 you’ve reached the high for the day. I would take 100 degrees in Austin any day over 90 degrees (and high humidity) in Florida.

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Texas state climatologist john nielsen-gammon tried to explained just how widespread and relentless Texas’ heat has been: It has been scary hot from one end of Texas to the other. The dryer it is, the hotter the ground gets during the summer, and it becomes a cycle that feeds on itself.

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